The Magick Book Download Manifesting & Writing Instructions

The Magick Book is a download that you listen to with your eyes closed AFTER you've written out what you want to come into fruition. It cautions you to be very aware of what you write down because what you write is created and brought into your physical realityRead More Here.
It's recommended that you get The Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook AND The Making Magick Happen Inserts to go with your download. Read through the Workbook and inserts BEFORE you listen to the Magick Book download. Fill out all of the questions and blanks that are to be done before your session (Set your Intentions) and look through the questions that you fill out after you've done your download. You want your subconscious mind to bring you the answers during your session. Your mind has to know what you want so that it can bring it to you. Take a few extra minutes to skim through the page/pages. If you need extra pages, you can print them yourself [from your workbook] or you can purchase the [additional] inserts separately. Go to the Workbook & Manual Section Here

Magick Book Download

This download is created for you to use it for ONE goal at a time. JUST ONE. You can listen to it as many times as you like; each time using a different goal. THIS WORKS. Take it seriously. 

With Each Magick Book Entry:
Be Clear and Concise in your Wording. You're going to get 'exactly' what you write down so be thoughtful. Think of what you're writing as coming true in the literal sense and then ask yourself, "Is this what I want?"
Use Positive, Present Tense Sentences. The part of your mind that brings everything that you want and need to you does not think of the past and future the way you do. And, it usually has different priorities than you may imagine.  
Write Simply.  Your mind doesn't need a lot of explanation nor does it want it. In fact, if you chat at it too much, there's a good possibility it will stop listening. 
Your mind needs clear direction. Write down the end result of what you want. let your subconscious Mind, Higher Self and Spirit figure out how to bring it to you. If you give it too many instructions or something it cannot accomplish... It won't do anything at all. 
Put in Dates. (The date you're doing it and the date that you want it by.)  If you're not sure when [exactly] you want it you can say BY... or NOW... Now is a good default time to use. Once you get better at manifesting and know what your mind responds to you'll be able to write out certain dates and even down to the time on that day and have it 'show up' in your life. 

Helpful Hints:
(The Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook & The Making Magick Happen Inserts will keep you on track with all of the hints below. I'm reiterating them to emphasize how important they are.) 
  • Go back and check on what you're creating; you can check it as often as you like. Be conscious of NOT obsessing about it. That defeats the purpose. You do, however, want to check on your progress so that you are able to fine-tune your creatings and your wording. 
  • Check off when you get something. (Include the date.)
  • Write about how it manifested. 
  • Pay Attention in your 'everyday' life.
  • Expect something extraordinary to happen.

Example of An Entry:
By Midnight on Saturday, March 1, 2014 I meet the person that guides me and answers all of my financial aide and paperwork questions that get me into the program that is to my Highest Educational Good.
Explanation of the Example: 
You have until Midnight on Saturday. Expect it to happen; no panicking or doubting. (Do not start changing anything until AFTER your deadline. You may, however, do another entry if you think of something new or better. If you decide to scratch the entire entry you did first, cross all of it off and write a new one. Listen to your download again. You've just started the process over.)
You've left the program that is to your Highest Educational Good 'open'. Be prepared~what you had in your mind may be different than what you get. 
The word meet could be anything that your mind considers contact with that person; email, social media, introduction through a friend or face to face.
Sometimes the answers to your questions come through information to tell you WHERE to go for the answers that you seek. 

What if it didn't come out 'exactly' as you hoped? Click here to find out why. (Do NOT start thinking negatively at any point. That's one of the reasons why you put a time frame down, it keeps your conscious mind out of the way and lets your subconscious mind work its magick.) If you need to erase negative programs, Peruse the Black Board Section to find downloads that fit what you need. If you're ready to do it yourself, get the SET to change anything and everything you want. Find the Changes Made Easy in Your Mind Set Here