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❥ Awww... Downloads! What a wonderful gift for someone, tuning them into themselves and connecting them with their Spirit. Lovely. We have over 200 audio downloads to choose from. (Ha! There's something for everyone!) The great thing about the downloads is that once you buy them, you can download and share them. Click here to Find your Way Around.

But what if you don't 'know' what they need or what they'll listen to? That's what the streaming store is for. We have four different programs to choose from.  You can choose which one you'd like to get for them and the programs start with a month subscription and go up to a year.   

So, How do you do it? 
Here's the great part: The subscriptions (downloads) are accessed with an email address and password [that you set up] and can be used [listened to] anywhere there's an internet connection. You can use your own email address (if you like) or you can create an account just for them! There's a plethora of free email services. The Catch? Be sure to write it down so that you remember! ;)
All the memberships have a free 24 hour trial. After the trial is over, you'll get an email that has the billing information. After that (until the subscription expires) you won't get any other account information emails. So, after the trial period, that email is theirs to enjoy!

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 Streaming Gift Special
We have a special for all of the monthly streaming subscriptions. Get them as a gift for someone and save 20% off the total subscription amount! Plus it's a 24 hour free trial, so use them for yourself first! So fun! We've just added different subscription options in our streaming store so that you can save even more! We have gift cards for you to pick out when you get someone a streaming subscription! They're super cute! Enjoy! 

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We have a plethora of colors to choose from. We have a few designs (some are shown above~without the discount text on them) for you to choose from. Pick the one you like and click on the picture. At the top of your screen [above the picture] click on the three dots ( ... ). This will give you bunch of options. You may share it on social media or email, save the link if want to do it all later or save it to your device. If you save it to your device, you can photoshop or write on it or email and/or share it later. It's completely up to you! Have Fun!

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Happy December!

Enjoy our Holiday Newsletter. You can Sign Up for Living Lightly Newsletter here. ~*~If you missed it, here's the link to the Living Lightly Newsletter archive page and you can 'see' the ❥ ❥ ❥ Hypnosis Special Newsletter here.  Groupons Made Easy ❤ 
Ongoing Specials:
Palm Springs & Surrounding Areas
Nation Wide via Phone 

KMIR News Special for December
All of the monthly themes teach you self hypnosis and keep your mind in the direction that you want it to be going. It's about whole life wellness. This month it's about the Holidays and everything that comes and goes with them. Have a wonderful December!
Monthly Streaming Special
December Package

This is a summary of the best links I've put online, that people have liked and shared. Everything you find here is original and/or shared by me. It's all about knowledge, 
health and positivity, with a few beautiful and cute things thrown in. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Released Wednesday December 2, 2015  Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  Next update in 6 days. ~Read the latest publication hereThis is a great place to get some current updates about the world. Everything you find here will be positive. G-Rated. No graphic pictures of any kind. It's a compilation of happy, fun, and exciting news, recipes, tips and hints about health and well-being and a few super cute pictures sprinkled in. Enjoy!

New Downloads! 

We have been adding so many lately, it's almost too much to type out ;) Here's a link to all of the shops and to your account sign in. Happy Downloading!
The very best way to see what's new is to go to the stores and Sort By: Newest First (see picture below). Each month [only the] download shops with new products will be listed right here. See below the picture. If you'd like to see a 'list', please watch our video for December 2015 Announcements on Youtube. Here's the link to the short video and here's the longer one. It's easier to read!). Enjoy! 
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Diary Entries of a Psychic Posts
Keeping up on the Positive Thinking Theme!

This month was the continued theme of being positive~with an added bit of Umph! 
Possibilities. There's some great exercises in the last blog entry. Get out your journal and start working on your Possibility Journaling! It sets you up for the next few months of handling the holidays and manifesting! Enjoy!

Honoring America's Veterans 

The Power of Possibility

Positive Affirmations & Diary Sets 

Positive Affirmations & Diary Sets is the theme for last month :) And, yes, you should try them! If you get any affirmation image eBooks and/or the [matching] diary sets 
through us, they'll always be free! It's so important to choose your thoughts everyday. Let these simple tools help you keep your head right and your thinking on track with where you want to be!
 Complimentary Positive Affirmation Diary Sets
 Affirmations Diary Sets Instructions, eBook & Videos
And, just wait! We have a free audio download coming up soon to help you with all of your affirmations and entries. So Fun!

We're always adding videos! Click Here to see what's new. Enjoy! 

~*~ Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Videos ~*~
We've added some 'new' complimentary videos for you to enjoy. Do not do anything while playing and listening to any of the guided meditations or hypnosis videos. Relax, lie back and close your eyes. Expect something magickal to happen.  
Please visit our 
Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Playlist on YouTube (user/ChangesMadeEasy) to try one today! What makes these downloads different from other downloads everywhere else? They focus on your Light, making life is fun and easy. You have the ability to manifest anything that you can think of. These downloads give you the tools you need to bring your desires into fruition. What’s the catch? All of these downloads make you happy, make your life simpler and more enjoyable… the underlying message in every download you will buy here… You are a Creator Spirit and you have the power and ability to create what you want… in every aspect of your life. Please visit http://jmcveyc.ht/StreamingOptions for more information.

If you don't already have one... Get a Journal!
 At Changes Made Easy .com we believe it's about consciousness. We think life should be fun... more fun... bunches and bunches of fun! We also believe that every choice each and every one of us make, everyday has the potential to substantially change the world... our world. This is a great opportunity to bring you unique and thoughtful products. We have a huge selection of various products to support all types of causes and differences in thought. Click Here to Visit The Spunky Plum
[Free] Activity Books for Kids!  Click here to peruse our selections.  Why the eBooks are free and how We got Started: Due to rising costs and educational cut backs, Changes Made Easy .com and Full of Love Pet Supplies .com has created a series of eBooks for parents and educators to help make their jobs a little bit easier, save you some time and add some fun. The eBooks are set up so that you are able to print the whole book or just the pages you'd like to use that day. Our eBooks contain exercises that focus on improving communication, vocabulary, spelling patters, keeping the innocent and imaginative part of childhood alive, story writing and enhancing creative and critical thinking skills. The eBooks are set up so that you are able to print the whole book or just the pages you'd like to use that day. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making and giving them to you. Click here to go to Free Educational Activity eBooks for Kids. 

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Coming Soon!
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