Psychic Development eCourse List

Course Structure for Psychic Tips & Hints: 
Psychic Development
8-9 week eCourse

Approximate time: 1/2-2 hours per class and 30 minutes 3-5x a week for download time
Approximate cost: $50-$150
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What you will need:
~ quiet, private space (to work and meditate) 
~ alarm clock or timer
~ smart phone, computer, tablet or a MP3 player
~ one or more goals (Just jot down a few things in different aspects of your life so that you'll have material to pull from for the course.)

Required Reading:
Psychic Tips & Hints: Psychic Development

Recommended Reading:

Required Downloads:

Required Manuals and Journals:

Recommended Other Stuff:
Twitter Account
Scratch paper or a notebook
Journal for 'other' things (just in case you need more space!)
Crafty Stuff~ get creative. Have colored pencils, markers and/or crayons on hand or if you're really a DIY person~glue, pictures, magazines and stuff to decorate as we go!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
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