Holiday Specials & Gift Certificates

❤ The Gift of Self-Time ❤ 

❥ Awww... Downloads! What a wonderful gift for someone, tuning them into themselves and connecting them with their Spirit. Lovely. We have over 300 audio downloads to choose from. (Ha! There's something for everyone!) The great thing about the downloads is that once you buy them, you can download and share them. Click here to Find your Way Around.

10% off our Downloads! Happy Holidays! 
Just enter discount10 at check-out. 
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Click on the Store Name to Peruse all of our Selections. Happy Shopping!

If you're more of a one-on-one person or would like to give someone a specialized session, We have a Great Groupon going on. Enjoy!

Gifting doesn't have to be expensive!

It's important to take care of yourself while you're trying to be kind and help other people. And, taking care of yourself comes in all shapes and sizes. That's one of the reasons we have such a variety of products at different prices (many of which are free) so that you can always be taking care of you and getting what you need. 
❥ Gifts that are Free ❤
❥ We also have a plethora of affirmation image eBooks and positive affirmation diary sets. The positive affirmations and diaries are [always] free. Click on the link for the blog article about the Positive Affirmation Images and where to get them all [here]. Click on the link to the blog article about the Affirmation Diary Sets and where to get them [here]. 
❥ For the little ones on your list, we have free affirmation images for kids, meditation downloads and entire store of [free] educational activity books! And, just like the adult and
teen stuff, the majority of the matching items are complimentary. 

❥ Click on the links below to peruse all of our selections. 
Affirmation Images 
Meditation Downloads
Classes for Kids

Streaming Gift Special: We have a special for all of the monthly streaming subscriptions. Get them as a gift for someone and save 20% off the total subscription amount! Plus it's a 24 hour free trial, so use them for yourself first! So fun! We've just added different subscription options in our streaming store so that you can save even more! We have gift cards for you to pick out when you get someone a streaming subscription! They're super cute! Enjoy! Click here to peruse all of the different streaming subscriptions.
Click here to Visit the Streaming Store 

Pick Out the Perfect Gift Card! We have a plethora of colors to choose from. We have two designs (they are shown above~without the discount text on them) for you to choose from. Pick the one you like and click on the picture. At the top of your screen [above the picture] click on the three dots ( ... ). This will give you bunch of options. You may share it on social media or email, save the link if want to do it all later or save it to your device. If you save it to your device, you can photoshop or write on it or email and/or share it later. It's completely up to you! Have Fun! Click here: Pick the Gift Card you'd like to Give! 

 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  We have Gift Certificates for all of you
 Animal Lovers out there!  ❥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 

These super cute gift certificates come with a cover and all the information that the person you're getting the gift for to make their appointment. And, no worries! There's no price tag on them. You'll be able to download everything and email it to them at your convenience. If you'd like to physically hand it to them, the images are printer friendly! You can print everything out in black and white or in color! 

There's nothing kinder than giving someone peace of mind when they're worried about one of their fur-babies. That's why our gift certificates are always at a discounted rate. ♥ And, no worries, they'll never know how much you paid for them. They'll get a pretty gift certificate cover (it looks just like the one in the shop without any pricing on it) and instructions to where to call and information about their session.
When you check-out, you'll be able to download everything and email it to them. A little love and support goes such a long ways. Thank you for thinking of them and their babies. ♥
Here's the link about the sessions. ( Look at it first to be sure it is something that they'll like and be comfortable with. 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
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