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Ok. Honestly, hypnosis is awesome. Downloads are wonderful. And, really, can you imagine a better way to achieve your goals than directing the part of you that makes it happen? That's what a hypnosis session (download/recording) is for. You tell me what you want (or don't) and I make you a recording that your subconscious mind understands. It's that simple, really. And~ it is wonderful. 

You'll learn self-hypnosis in that one session. In a bit over an hour? How?!! Easy. You're doing it all the time, anyway. When you learn how to do it yourself, you'll become much more [consciously] aware of what you're putting in your mind, what you have been directing yourself to do (And, yes~ you're always directing your subconscious mind.), and begin building a healthy and solid relationship with your body and various inner levels of your self. 

Why a Groupon Deal?
Because that one session can change your whole life. No, seriously. That's the whole point. And, let's be honest, not everyone has tons of cash to toss around on something they don't know, understand or are just curious about.
Should you try the complimentary download on my site? Yes.
What makes these [Groupon Deals] different? I get to talk to you. It's my job to listen, hear, understand and 'get' you and what you're saying and turn it into something that you can listen to anytime that you want it. And, making downloads is my favorite thing to do EVER. And, yes, it does feel like magick... Why? Even though you have said it a thousand times before, written about it, thought about it, maybe even cried about it~ when you're listening to 'me' say it~ it's your subconscious mind, body, emotional levels (all those inner parts of you) that is paying attention [now]. And, if you're not used to working with those parts of you, and Wow! are they happy you're giving them attention.

There's many numbers and theories of how much of our lives are run by our subconscious minds. It ranges from 80-95%. Reread that. It's quite stopping, isn't it?
So, if you want an easy way of thinking about a hypnosis download: Just simply think of it as you are learning how to use more of your mind. And, who wouldn't benefit from that?!! ;)

Best thing about it... You can use it for anything: Take a look at my intake sheet. 

All of the things you see listed are filler for me. :) How cool is it that if you can think it, you can create it. Ack. I love The Mind!

So, here's the deal: 
Curious? Skeptical? Good. You should be. It's your mind. Guard and protect it.

Try the complimentary download: A Delicate Conscience 
Listen to some of the samples in the DIY Download Shop
* I have a very unique hypnosis voice. No, really. I sound different than if you were talking or listening to me. Make sure you like it. Or, lol, can sit though 20 minutes comfortably. And, no worries if you can't sit a long time normally. I can make you one to go to sleep if you don't have time during the day to listen to it. Plus, after the first couple times, you'll probably never hear the whole thing again. And, you don't need to. It's for your subconscious mind.

If you're ready: Here's the Groupon Link. Pick out the one that you want. Yes, phone is more expensive~ I'll email you your recording. Yay! 
In the office: Bring your phone~we'll record it right there. :)

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