❥ Gift Subscriptions ❤

 The Gift of Unlimited Self-Time 

❥ Awww... Downloads! What a wonderful gift for someone, tuning them into themselves and connecting them with their Spirit. Lovely. We have over 200 audio downloads to choose from. (Ha! There's something for everyone!) The great thing about the downloads is that once you buy them, you can download and share them. Click here to Find your Way Around.

But what if you don't 'know' what they need or what they'll listen to? That's what the streaming store is for. We have four different programs to choose from.  You can choose which one you'd like to get for them and the programs start with a month subscription and go up to a year.   

So, How do you do it? 
Here's the great part: The subscriptions (downloads) are accessed with an email address and password [that you set up] and can be used [listened to] anywhere there's an internet connection. You can use your own email address (if you like) or you can create an account just for them! There's a plethora of free email services. The Catch? Be sure to write it down so that you remember! ;)
All the memberships have a free 24 hour trial. After the trial is over, you'll get an email that has the billing information. After that (until the subscription expires) you won't get any other account information emails. So, after the trial period, that email is theirs to enjoy!

Click here to Visit the Streaming Store

 Streaming Gift Special
We have a special for all of the monthly streaming subscriptions. Get them as a gift for someone and save 20% off the total subscription amount! Plus it's a 24 hour free trial, so use them for yourself first! So fun! We've just added different subscription options in our streaming store so that you can save even more! We have gift cards for you to pick out when you get someone a streaming subscription! They're super cute! Enjoy! 

Pick Out the Perfect Gift Card!

We have a plethora of colors to choose from. We have a few designs (some are shown above~without the discount text on them) for you to choose from. Pick the one you like and click on the picture. At the top of your screen [above the picture] click on the three dots ( ... ). This will give you bunch of options. You may share it on social media or email, save the link if want to do it all later or save it to your device. If you save it to your device, you can photoshop or write on it or email and/or share it later. It's completely up to you! Have Fun!

Pick Out the Gift Card you'd like to Give!

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Coming Soon!
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