All Class, Seminar and eCourse Questions & Instructor Contact Information

Any questions that you have about the class you're taking, the supply lists and the downloads will get the quickest answers from/on Twitter. The account @PsychicTidbits is connected to The Diary of a Psychic Blog and you can read the feed on the page. That's the account that you'll want to use to tweet your questions. 

If you don't have an account, no problem! Click here to learn how to set up an account. You can set one up specifically for this class and delete it when you're finished with the course or you may want to set up one that matches your download store log in. It's not required for the eCourses but it will make getting your questions answered easier and quicker than ever before! 

Twitter Hint *(You may find that you love having an account. Pick a handle that you'll like looking at all the time, that's easy to remember and spell and, if you're really feeling racy, use something positive and/or hopeful. Try to find something that's going to make you feel good everyday and that exemplifies your authenticity and what you'd like to show the world. Have fun!)* 

Do NOT email questions or concerns. See email response here. And, as always, here's all of the contact information. Click Here to see it now. 

Have Fun & Happy Learning!