Assignment One

Quick & Easy Listing of your Homework Assignments, Layout and Links 

Writing Assignments:
  1. Write out your Goals.
  2. Write out your Psychic Goals.
  3. Write out your eCourse Goals. 
  4. Write out your Tentative Schedule.

Meditation & Hypnosis Downloads: 

Downloads to Listen to 3-5x this week:

Workbook Entries: 

Use your Hypnosis & Meditation Workbook (at least one time for each download)
1.-A Delicate Conscience (Meditation Section)
2.-Developing your Psychic Abilities (Hypnosis Section)

Get a Journal!

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Writing Instructions:

Always be sure to include any information that will jog your mind when you're going back over your journal entries. You'll need to use and refer to them in these next 8 weeks but the magick happens when you go back in a year or two and have that deep realization of how far you have come, how much the entries helped you and how everything you wrote down has come into fruition. 
  • Write your assignments in your journal. 
  • Title the page. 
  • Date it (today's date or the date you are doing the exercise) and when you want your goal achieved by. 
  • Use a different page or section of the page for different topics and assignments. 
  • Write out the question that you are answering before you answer it. 
  • Make notes if you can refer back to your workbook or another journal. 
  • Numbering your pages is a great way to be able to refer back to what you were doing when you first wrote out your assignment. 
  • Keep it clean and easy to read. We're not concerned with your writing (as long as you can read it, it is perfect), we're concerned with the content and the ease in which you can find what you're looking for later. 
(A Few Ideas) What to Add to your Journal:
  • Keep track of amazing experiences, weird and/or odd thoughts and/or things that have happened. 
  • Write down questions you have (for whom ever)
  • Keep track of the answers you've recorded
  • Write out your dreams that correlate to what you working on now.
  • Epiphanies
  • Synchronicities
  • Miracles
  • Everything that has and hasn't  worked, when and how.
  • All of your dreams, desires and wishes should be listed in here.
  • Any manifesting art or craft projects, ideas and/or recipes.

  • If you find you're having a hard time with any of this, or find that you are frustrated, mad or overwhelmed or if you simply do not want to put in the effort, Click Here, this may explain why and what you can do about it. remember, if you can think it, you can create it. Don't quit (on anything you want). You're worth it.
  • Do you have questions or need feedback or instructor contact? Click Here to find out all the contact information and how to 'use' it.