Groupons Made Easy ❤

This is written for anyone that has purchased any of 'my' specials but the instructions and sign in links work for everyone. And, if you're not an avid Groupon shopper, it will come in handy. There's nothing worse than getting everything you want, finishing a service or dinner and finding out you have the wrong paperwork. Yuck. So, we're eliminating as much havoc and stress as we can. ;)  And, in all honesty, this is just to make everyone's digital life just a little bit easier. ❤ 


Here's the thing with redeeming a Groupon: Your receipt is not what the merchant needs. I know, your receipt has a bar code (Ha! That doesn't make it more confusing?!), you must 'click' through to get your voucher. Many people do it on their phones (you can click redeem straight from your smart phone) or you may print it out and bring it or read it to the merchant. Here's a super easy way to do it (as long as your merchant or you have internet access when you're making your purchase): Sign in to your Groupon account and click into Your Groupons. Whatever you're looking for should pop up. And, by then, the merchant should be able to help you. Here's the link. If you're seeing me, I can hand you something to sign in on or you may use your phone. If you bring your voucher, I can scan it into the app. It's pretty cool if everything works right. lol

Groupon Sign In

A great thing about Groupon are the wonderful write ups and information they have. Scroll down, just a tiny bit passed the pictures and you'll find the articles. Click on the links below to read all the articles. 

Sketchy about hypnosis? This should answer some of your questions (Q & AQuestions about Hypnosis) and the article about The Mind explains it. If you're unsure about psychics and how to pick them, the article Consumers Beware! should help. Happy Reading! 

Onto your stuff. The very best way to get the most out of your sessions is to have a list of what you'd like to accomplish or what you would like to know. Unsure of what I'm talking about? No problem :) Here's a few links to the services [below], they'll give you some ideas. And, no worries, I explain everything to you face to face or on the phone. (If you're a Skype person or want to do FaceTime [via Apple products], I do that, too. It's an additional $25 per hour. And, must be booked in advance).

❥  Paperwork for your Sessions: 
(This should all be in/on your Groupon paperwork, but just in case, I put it all here, too. Yay!) Okay, depending on which Groupon you have purchased there are different forms that you need and different things you need to do with them. I hope this post makes it easier.

 If you have an in office session,  please fill out and print your paperwork [completely]. Bring it with you at the time of service. 

If you're a phone person, the paperwork needs to be emailed prior to your scheduled session. 

 Click Here to get your Forms  You only need the paperwork for what [type] of session(s) you have purchased. If you're unsure, fill out the Hypnotherapy Contract and the Intuitive/Spiritual Services Contract and you should be good. 

❥  If you have purchased any of the hypnosis packages, you receive a download with them. Increase Hypnosis Effectiveness (Yay!) You may get your download in the hypnosis and meditation shop: DIY Downloads. Use your Groupon coupon when you're checking out. If you've gotten it [already] and need to sign in to your account, here's your Sign In link

[Groupon] ❥ ❥ ❥ Hypnosis Special  ❤

If you have an 'old' Groupon, no problem! All of the links above work for that one, too. They do expire 4 months from the date of purchase; don't wait too long. We don't want you to forget and it's such an awesome experience. There's not much that can beat the excitement of the power of your mind. 

Oh.. Are you wondering about  Groupon and why we're doing it? Or haven't gotten one yet and are considering it? 

Click here to read all about it.  

And, just FYI, Groupon does random 20% off local deals. If you sign up for their email(s), the specials will show up there. All of 'my' deals are considered local [as far as I know and have seen] regardless of wherever you are located.  So, you could get an additional 20% off.

Happy Savings!