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10% off all of our Downloads that Relax and Soothe you! 
Happy June! 
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(Article & News Announcement) New Year, New You: Unlocking The Power of Your Own Subconscious - KMIR News | Palm Springs, California
All of the monthly themes teach you self hypnosis and keep your mind in the direction that you want it to be going. It's about whole life wellness. This month it's about getting ready for summer, feeling good and taking care of your body. Happy June!

Monthly Streaming Special $10 a Month Unlimited Streaming of all of the downloads included in June's Package! So Fun!

Balancing your Body Temperature
Eat your Veggies!
Everything is Okay Set
Happiness is Good for my Health!
I Take Care of My Body
Stop the Panic!
Washing Everything Away

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Here's some of our new downloads. 
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Soothing Sounds Sleep Hypnosis:
Crashing Waves
Releasing Defensiveness
Releasing Restlessness
Washing Anxiety Away
Washing the Worry Away
Soothing Sounds in the Background: 
Feeling Hopeful
Releasing Defensiveness
Washing Anxiety Away
Washing Doubts Away
Washing the Worry Away
Washing the Worry Away (Short) 
Washing the Weight of the World Away
And The Waves Will Wash It All Away
[Getting Unstuck and] Walking Away
Enjoy this Just Because Happiness Sale! (The sale prices are listed below.) Yay! These are all on sale because sometimes we all need a little extra help with some ease and happiness sprinkled in. The regular prices for the downloads range from $19.95-15.95.
The Perfect Outcome $13.95
I Don't Know What To Do! $10.95
All of these are $9.95. Happy Saving! 
It's Time To Be Happy! 
Light the Earth Classes: Happy Earth Day! 
Happy Earth Day! for Kids 
Asking the Right Question (What's the Message Class) 
(Psychic Class)  Communicating Mind to Mind Set Up 
Hypnosis and Guided Meditation Audios for only $3.95!
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Communicating Mind to Mind Class:

Save 20% on Monthly Streaming Subscriptions
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